This holiday, packages and mail may be delivered at night

This holiday, packages and mail may be delivered at night

The USPS wants to hire 28,000 seasonal workers and instal 137 new package sorting equipment to avoid holiday shipping delays. 

Postal worker representatives said that around the holidays, Americans may see after-dark or nighttime deliveries as workers navigate envelopes and boxes. A new congressional assessment raises staffing and backup worries. 

This holiday season may be crucial for some inflation-affected business owners. 

Bo Anuluoha, co-owner of the Los Angeles boutique Kutula By Africana, told CBS News that late deliveries damage his business since his team works harder and longer hours. 

USPS has trouble filling available positions despite holiday hiring. California, New England, and the Midwest have recruitment issues. 

Edmund Carley, president of United Postmasters and Managers of America, told a congressional subcommittee last month that postmasters personally deliver mail in many communities. “Some advertised jobs get no candidates.” 

Lawmakers are reforming the postal service in response to complaints over delays. Recent absenteeism at Chicago, Philadelphia, and Baltimore post offices increased labour shortages, according to a congressional study. 

Rep. Gerry Connolly, who is in charge of the USPS, said, “It slows things down and makes it harder for customers to trust us.” “We need to make sure that the Postal Service is reliable and has enough workers.”

The Postal Service recommends mailing ground and first-class packages by December 17 to ensure arrival by December 25. Priority mail and expedited delivery deadlines are December 19 and 23.

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